Saturday, 2 March 2013

Race Hate Groups

Racial hatred groups in this country conjure up images of the notorious nail bomber David Copeland and his stand with far-right organisations like the National Front & the National Party(Now the BNP).  Other groups include Combat 18 & the English Defence League(EDL).  The image of the members of these groups are usually skinheaded bootboys, yet despite all their Nazi salutes and cries of "Sieg Heil!" they do not live up to the image of the Aryan Race.  That is blond haired, blue-eyed boys & girls.  The look of the true Aryan Race that Hitler and his cronies believed in.  They come across as troglodytes.

    The first so-called big figure of the far-right, was a man named Colin Jordan, who emerged in the sixties.  As the National Front gained in popularity, the people coming to prominence with that group were the leader John Tindall, and a man called Martin Webster.  Some years later Webster was revealed as a sex offender, which obviously did not fit in with their supporters macho outlook.  The National Party was running alongside it throughout the seventies.  As the NF vanished, the NP became the BNP.  However, more violent groups emerged such as Combat 18 and the EDL.  David Copeland was photographed alongside Tindall a number of times, and his targets showed the nature of his racism; Blacks, Asians & Gays.

    In the USA, there has been for a long time the American Nazi Party, but the real players are the white supremacist group the Aryan Brotherhood.  This group has a very strong presence and following throughout the US prison system.  A couple of groups in Arizona were taken down by authorities after infiltration by an undercover cop.  These gangs were the National Alliance and Unit 88.  Two brutal murders saw seven of them go down for very long sentences and numerous others in and out of jail.

    The music scene for far-right groups can be labelled punk, but to me that is wrong.  Punk was anti-establishment, not race hate.  The "OI" music scene is known as hardcore, a mixture of punk, thrash and the elements of their lifestyle.  It has never appealed to me.  Besides, one type of music I love would not go down well with these people; Blues.  The music of blacks that goes back to Africa and then on to the deep south of the States.  Long live the blues!