Sunday, 24 March 2013

I Was Murdered PT3

It is remarkable that very religious people can stand up and preach about the Bible and what it stands for, yet go against it`s very principles.  An example was the murder in the Seattle area of Dawn Hacheney.  This young lady thought she was married to a wonderful man, yet he did not break any of the Ten Commandments, he blew them to smithereens.  It statred out that he was having virtually an affair with a fire & brimstone woman church member named Sandy Glass, a woman who claimed that God was sending messages through her.  Not surprisingly, many people believed this rubbish.  Both Glass & Hacheney talked about both of their spouses being dead, so they could start a life together.  Soon after, a fire swept the Hacheney home claiming the life of Dawn.  It was at first thought to have been an accident, but it seems that Hacheney had told another woman that he had deliberately set the fire.  Also the Police & Fire Dept. were looking closely at it. 

    Hacheney it seemed, just could not stop breaking commandments, as he was involved with two other women, sending steamy text messages to them.  Finally, Hacheney was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife, which he denied.  During questioning, it appeared that Hacheney was trying to control the interview, indicating that under the public facade, he was a control freak.  He was convicted and sentenced to twenty six years & eight months in jail, but not surprisingly, he has consistently refused to admit his guilt.  One thing that is remarkable is just how many convicted killers are "Pillars of the community & church!"  They have NO hesitation in breaking two of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not kill!" & "Thou shalt not commit adultery!"  Everything is acceptable in their warped minds, but in many cases, one person is always overlooked and that is the victim.  Dawn Hacheney had done nothing to warrant her murder, and that she happened to marry a man who could not keep his pants on, whilst spouting religious diatribe.