Monday, 11 March 2013

Jack The Ripper

I have held off doing a post on this gentleman as I have done about numerous other big name cases or perpetrators, but finally I could not resist it any more.  There are allegedly over one hundred suspects, with each new book claiming to have finally solved the case.  There was an analysis carried out by the FBI`s Behavioural Science Unit, that put the offender in a tiny area of Whitechapel.  The only known suspect in that tiny area was Aaron Kosminski, a known lunatic.  I   am not putting forward any suspect of my own, but when researchers put forward suspects who are so ordinary and there are no super elaborate theories, such as clues in paintings, Masonic Rituals and Black Magic Rituals, you have to give them credence.  

    Writers like Melvyn Harris did not like anybody contradicting his theories, and was openly dismissive of all other claims if they did not name Dr. Robert D`onstan.  There are very respected researchers such as Martin Fido, Donald Rumbelow, who is a ripper walk guide and Paul Begg, all will give reasonable arguments for and against.  Two claims that give good arguments are that a man called Cohen who was incarcerated in an asylum just after the last murder, and from retired homicide investigator, Trevor Marriott.  Mr. Marriott puts forward a German sailor, and has uncovered similar murders in Germany, and in New York.  This sailor was on ships that docked in London, the German port and New York whilst these murders occurred.  His suspect was found guilty of an horrific murder and was executed in the electric chair in 1896.

    My favourite film on the subject was "A Study In Terror" with John Neville as Sherlock Holmes, Donald Houston as Watson and John Fraser as the Ripper.  A little bit over the top but great entertainment, and in a short slot, none other Barbara "Babs" Windsor as one of the victims.  No elaborate plots, just a man from a wealthy family with a history of insanity, looking to kill the prostitute who had married one of his family.  Jack perishes in a fire.  Watch it if you get the chance.

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