Saturday, 23 March 2013

I Was Murdered PT2

Case number two from this excellent series is that of Denise Huber, who disappeared from Costa Mesa in 1991.  She was 23 years old and tall at 5ft 10, so she would not have been easy to overpower.  She was a music fanatic and went to a concert, but never returned home.  Police were informed and her best friend drove around and came across her car parked on the side of a road with a flat tyre.

    As it was on a road, Police brought in sniffer dogs, who picked up a trail but it vanished after 75 yards, indicating that she had been snatched.  Despite an intensive search, the case eventually went cold.  In 1994, in Prescott, Arizona, a truck was thought to be a bit suspicious as it had an electrical cord running from it.  Police had it opened and found a big freezer inside.  Inside it was the body of a female with her hands handcuffed behind her back.  There was no ID for her so a missing persons search brought up the disappearance of Denise Huber, and it was established it was her.  Police arrested the owner of the truck, a man named John Famalaro, but he refuses to say anything to Police.  He is charged with murder, but again refuses to speak, even in his own defence.  The Prosecution has enough forensic evidence, so Famalaro is convicted and sentenced to death.  He is on Death Row at San Quentin Prison but has still refused to admit his guilt.  No explanations as to why he kept her in cold storage for three years.