Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Biggs - The Gesture Said It All

We had another gangland funeral and the emergence of old villains saying farewell.  King of the bullshitters, Courtney was there, and a journalist wrote that Courtney has allegedly embellished his life story to make it more interesting.  Pause for laughter.  Courtney says and does anything for publicity and money, and as for the claim that he has killed, he was offered £25,000 cash to prove he was "acquitted of murder!"  Not surprisingly, Courtney has continually ducked this offer, as his claim is crap!

    Then we come to that old parasite Biggs.  Did he come back because he missed the country?  If you believe anything like that, then you are thick!  Brazil was good enough for him to stay in for all these years, yet he will not get all the treatment he wants for declining health.  So he comes back here, prepared to go back to jail, in return for free treatment.  No doubt he receives better treatment than hundreds received at Stafford Hospital.  Biggs made a two fingered gesture to reporters, and that sums up his attitude to everything.  If the authorities had a set of balls, they would have put him back on a plane to his beloved Brazil.  He made his bed, he should die in it.  Obviously, authorities listened to the whingeing of the apologists and the sentimentality. 

    Let us not forget the violence inflicted on the driver, yet it has been sickening listening to NeuroSurgeons like Fraser & Edwards, "He only had a couple of stitches in his head!"  What about the damage inside?  I felt the film about Edwards, with it`s "comic" approach was disgusting, and a public relations exercise.  Others will see it different, which they are entitled to, and think the old sentimental crap about Biggs, which again, they are entitled to.  I am not taken in by it.

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  1. This entire myth built around Old Biggsy is indeed distasteful to say the least. He was involved in a robbery that in today’s world would have got him shot. The sheer stupidity of leaving your dabs all over a gaff that you’ve used as a safe-house sums up the keystone cop element of the entire operation. Some members of the public that have little in the way of concern for victims of crime put morons like Biggsy on a romantic pedestal which is simply disrespectful to the victims and their families. His life win Brazil was fine until he needed treatment and then came to Blighty to suck up the scarce resources of the NHS, and as for him being a bit part player in the robbery itself as a way of an excuse, you might just say that Himmler was coerced by Adolf to introduce gas ovens for Jews. Anything that has the endorsement of Lucky “Courtney” Luciano I tend to steer well clear of, a grass and a bullshitter as your associate isn’t really something I would be proud of. Some these British “gangster’s” do love to blow their own trumpet, crave for adulation, and smother themselves with garish gold-plated knuckle dusters. But unfortunately there’s a legion of idiots who believe, follow and spend money on their idols. Strange how the real top boys keep it quite!