Saturday, 23 March 2013

I Was Murdered PT 1

A good series that is on the Discovery Channel`s Investigation Discovery is "I Was Murdered" and tells it from the position of the victim, as if he/she is speaking from the grave.  One story was that of a bar owner named Jerry Monroe, who was shot at his bar, the victim of a robbery, it seemed.  After the Police started investigating, a woman came forward to say that she saw a man emerging from a wooded area, very early in the morning.  She thought this suspicious and reported it.  Police searched the area but found nothing.  Initially, it was thought that a couple of small biker clubs might have clashed and Jerry got caught in the crossfire. Turned out to be nothing.

    The young man seen by the woman turned out to be Jerry`s step-son, Leslie Emerson.  The witness identified him at the funeral.  After a grilling from the Police, he cracked and admitted he shot Jerry.  He dropped a bombshell by saying that his mother paid to have Jerry killed.  She paid him to find a killer but the son ended up carrying it out himself.  He took the rifle and disposed of it in some woods, and later showed the Police exactly where he had disposed of it. The reason being that his mother Vicki, and Jerry were having marital problems, and rather than face a divorce and risk losing the bar, she decided that the best way was to have him killed.  She and her son were both lifed off.