Friday, 29 March 2013

The Crossbow Cannibal

This is the man who revelled in calling himself this name when appearing in court, for three truly horrific crimes.  Stephen Griffiths was portrayed in some newspapers as a "boffin" making it seem that he was a college or university lecturer, when the truth was he was simply a student.  He was studying for a Ph`d on serial killers, a subject that would never had been accepted years ago.  It shows the diversity of courses and subjects you can now study and receive a diploma for.

    Griffiths lived in a block of flats on Thornton Road, right in the heart of Bradfords` red light district.  He murdered three prostitutes, Susan Rushworth, Suzanne Blamires & Shelley Armitage.  What brought his downfall was shooting one of his victims in full view of a cctv camera in the hallway of the block of flats and then infamously raised his middle finger as a gesture of defiance.  The caretaker, on seeing this footage, informed the Police who swooped on his flat.  During questioning, he eventually confessed to three murders, and dismembering his victims.  DNA from one of the victims was found on his cooker, indicating he may have eaten body parts.  Body parts had also started popping up in the River Aire in Shipley.  Forensic testing established  the body parts as belonging to Shelley and Suzanne.  He has never said what he had done to Susan Rushworth`s body.

    One day, out on my round, the traffic was backed up on Tong Street, and one of my cutomers came past.  I asked what was causing the hold up and I was told that it was the funeral service of Suzanne Blamires, and that there TV cameras there.  I remember seeing numerous missing posters of Shelley Armitage for months, before the arrest of Griffiths.  What is interesting in the behaviour of Griffiths, is that his brazen gesture to the camera, and his statement to the court "I am the Crossbow Cannibal", yet when questioned by Police, he kept his head down and mumbled any responses.  Obviously he did not have a captive audience.  He went on a hunger strike in Wakefield Prison and I thought that they should make him suffer in any way possible, just like he did to his victims.