Monday, 18 March 2013

The Zodiac Killer

I finally caved in and had to put up a post on the Zodiac Killer.  Recently, I watched a documentary on the latest claims, and then carried out a bit of research on these newly named suspects.  The woman who in 2007, maintained that her father, or step-father, was the killer.  Gary Ward Hendrickson.  She spoke of how as a young girl she accompanied Hendrickson as he went on the prowl for victims.  These claims are laughable as they are always made many, many years after the events.  This woman, according to my research, also claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of none other than the man who dropped his pants more times than Brian Rix, JFK.  Pause for howls of laughter.  Predictably, she failed a polygraph test miserably.

    Now we come to the supposedly big breakthrough in the case, and that is of Jack Tarrance.  His step-son made a recording of him admitting it, but was there any corroborative evidence?  This man produced  a huge mask hidden in Tarrances` storage that is remarkably like the mask worn by the attacker of a young couple at at Berryessa Lake.  he says that this mask was handed over to the FBI but nothing has been heard of since.  He claims that they are saying nothing because they want to keep this mystery going indefinitely.  There certainly is an industry built around Jack the Ripper, The Black Dahlia and The Zodiac.  Jack the Ripper will never be solved, The Elizabeth Short murder and the Zodiac; maybe.  But to say it is being deliberately covered up to keep it a mystery is a gross insult to the victims and their families, and to the Police Officers who worked tirelessly on the murders.  Researching on the net about this man has produced scorn on the claim by his step-son, and indeed, he himself has come in for a lot of criticism.  There are people who will say anything to immerse themselves into a mystery and he may even have worn that mask in an attempt to make people think he was the Zodiac.  One person suggested that Tarrance could have indeed, been an undetected serial killer.  A forensic examiner thinks that writings of Tarrance match that of the Zodiac.  We have only heard her assessment on this.

    Now how about that man that Robert Graysmith states emphatically is the Zodiac; Arthur Allen  His book on the subject would indeed persuade you that he has finally solved the mystery.  Pause for a moment.  Now there is not one shred of evidence to link Allen to the crimes.  Researching Graysmiths` claims, other researchers and mystery buffs that pointed out that Graysmith embellished evidence, half truths and even out and out fabrications, to point the finger at Allen.  The film about the Zodiac is littered throughout with factual errors.  One forum pointed out dozens of inaccuracies, comparing them to the facts.  The most ridiculous claim was of a cop called Steve Hodell, who says that his father was not only the Zodiac killer but also the Black Dahlia killer!!!!   What can you say?