Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cops Who Fall Foul

There are cops in this country that fall from grace because, essentially, they are too good at their job, or they do not toe the official Police line.  Tony Lundy, Alison Halford, John Stalker and Ray Mallon are some that come to mind.  I have done a post on Lundy and all I will reiterate is that nine out of every ten villains Lundy put away, they put their hands up to the charges.

    Alison Halford was in line to be the first ever woman Chief Constable in Britain, with the Merseyside force but fell foul of the Police hierarchy.  She launched a sex discrimination claim against her force, but they used an indiscretion on her part to block her promotion.  This was rich from an institution that was sexist and racist for many decades.  There has been a number of Ass, Chief Constables and Chief Constables involved in unsavoury incidents but obviously being men made it okay.  What about the dismissal of Stanley Parr, C.C. of Lancashire?  Making sure his friends never faced charges over anything, and truly breaking the rules for their benefits.  What about one C.C. investigating another C.C. only for it to emerge that the investigating C.C. was a house guest of the man he was investigating?  What about one Ass. C.C. who, attending an official function, was so drunk that he had to be lifted out of his vehicle and carried into the hall?

    Miss Halford wrote a very revealing book about her career, where in the early sixties, she and other women recruits were made to stand topless in front of senior officers.  She did not believe there was a reason for this except them abusing their authority.  She also wrote extensively about her time in the Merseyside force and that the then C.C. Ken Oxford, was nothing but a shouting bully and that a couple of senior officers were openly terrified of him.

    John Stalker had nothing but the highest respect amongst his men.  I know this because a former high ranking Police officer I know, told me that he was on a course during the height of the "Stalker Affair" and that most of the men & women on the course were from Manchester.  I was told by this officer that every Manchester cop on the course, had nothing but the utmost respect for Stalker and they all believed he was the victim of a conspiracy, centred around his enquiry in Northern Ireland.  In fact, he said "I have never heard such a high ranking officer spoken about so respectfully than John Stalker!"

    Ray Mallon was a cop in the North East and his methods, such as zero tolerance policing or to put it bluntly, the cops doing their job, earned him the nickname "Robocop." However, his downfall came with investigations into him and his force.  He faced a number of charges that he admitted, enough for him to resign and also had questions raised about his methods.  It seems that people are divided about him.  Numerous officers did not approve of his methods but some villains thought he was a scourge to them.  He was publicly praised by the then PM Tony Blair and Jack Straw.  He then ran for Mayor of Middlesborough, winning office a number of times, but still running into conflict with others.

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