Monday, 25 March 2013

British Police Do Not Do That

I have striven to do write a totally varied collection of posts, trying to avoid the obvious subjects, like the Krays & Richardsons, Ted Bundy, Fred West, etc, as there will be plenty of people covering them.  However, when a person is seemed to be obsessed with executions, I think that is a little disturbing.  I can understand writers & researchers like Steve Fielding being experts on executions and hangmen in Britain, it is a subject that fascinates them.  However, when a man writes in a crime magazine, "according to my files..." about a person on death row, to me that was troubling.  I have a massive interest in crime but I have never kept files on a particular criminal subject, even when I was doing two criminology courses.

    This man obviously does not like anybody suggesting that British Police frame innocent people.  He refers to people who campaign against certain cases, such as Hanratty, as being of "The Left!"  He used the Leftie tag in another letter to this magazine.  So I wonder what he would call my family & myself when we could tell of how a Police force have given a virtual licence to kill, to a thug , simply because he is a grass.  Of how the Police BLATANTLY tried to fit up a member of my family on sex charges.  Despite irrefutable proof of innocence, they went all out to frame him.  A cowardly senior officer turned and looked the other way when my family members` solicitor made a complaint, making it very clear just WHO gave the orders in that station.  It was stopped when the Solicitor brought in a Barrister who was taking no crap from the Police.  When they protected this thug when he tried to attack my elderly father, my mother told the Police to piss off, and was threatened as a result.  No doubt she received her instructions from Moscow.

    There are many great Police Officers but there are also a great number who are a disgrace.  There were, certainly in the past, many who thought detection was getting a conviction, no matter what.  "This person looks likely, we`ll make the evidence fit him."  However, there are people who think that corruption in Police exists everywhere except here.  Why?  BECAUSE WE ARE BRITISH!  and that makes us different from everybody else on the planet!  Remember British Police Officers do not swear!!!  Anybody who thinks different is part of "The Left"  By the way, despite the DNA "evidence" I still regard Hanratty as being fitted up all the way to the gallows. 

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