Friday, 22 February 2013

Yves Trudeau - "The Mad Bumper"

The Mad Bumper.  The most prolific killer for any biker gang the world has ever seen, yet despite his truly horrific crimes, he received an extremely favourable deal in return for information on biker gangs.  Yves "Apache" Trudeau was born in 1946 and joined his first bike gang, The Popeyes, in the late 60`s.  This gang some years later became the first Hells Angels chapter in Canada.  Trudeau began his murderous campaign in 1970, and carried on until 1985.  

    Trudeau and other members of the Quebec Angels broke away and formed the North Chapter, based in Laval.  This quickly gained the reputation as the most violent chapter in the world, and Trudeau`s reputation as a stone killer made him greatly feared, despite the fact that he was only 5` 6" and weighed 135 pounds!  However, the reckless violence and heavy drug use of some of the chapter, including Trudeau, meant that an in-house cleaning operation was to be carried out.  Some were allowed to live, but a number were lured to a location, where five were slaughtered.  Trudeau was meant to have been one of them but had gone into a detox centre, so missed the slaughter.  After deals were made and killings carried out, Trudeau realised his number was coming up and so surrendered to the authorities and turned informant.  In a highly controversial deal, Trudeau pleaded guilty to FORTY THREE counts of manslaughter, which meant that the killings were not planned.  Victims were shot, stabbed, strangled and blown up!  He also gave evidence in forty other murders.  He received a very short sentence.

    When released, he eventually returned to a drug addiction and he sexually assaulted a boy, which he received a four year prison sentence.  In 2006, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer but in honesty, would anybody have cared?  Many condemned the soft deal made with him, which amounted to shaking hands with the devil.

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