Friday, 15 February 2013

Musings PT2

Following on from my first post, this piece will focus on some of the most notorious serial killers.  Let us have a look at Theodore Robert Bundy, the man credited with between 20 & 35 murders.  All his victims were young women, with the exception of a young girl, whose murder brought him his death sentence.  Looking at the pictures of his victims, you can see a pattern amongst them.  They all had their hair parted in the middle, just like the girlfriend of Bundy.  She ended their relationship , saying he had not done enough to further himself, and so Bundy threw himself into studying Law, working in political campaign offices, and doing anything to show the huge effort he had made.  But despite getting back with his dream girl, he suddenly their relationship.  He then went off on a murderous spree through a number of states.  Eventually arrested, he escaped from custody twice, but when he finally appeared in a courtroom, he chose to defend himself.  He made an impression on the Judge who commented that he would have liked to have had him defend in his court, but said to Bundy, "You chose the wrong path, partner," and passed the Death Penalty on him.

    Bundy over the years used all the delaying tactics he could to avoid the chair, even consulting with detectives on the Green River Killer case.  But it was clear to detectives like Robert Keppel that Bundy was just delaying as much as possible and refused to speak to him further.  In January 1989, Bundy went to the chair, and the guard paid to throw the switch, was a woman.

    Jeffrey Dahmer murdered seventeen young men, dismembering them, and even consuming parts of them.  He also stored body parts in his fridge and freezer.  When his spree came to an end, a large debate raged as to whether Dahmer was insane or not.  One subject that is rarely touched upon in this case, is that Dahmer wanted to have his own little band of sex slaves, that he could control like Star Wars villain Darth Vader.  After his trial, Dahmer chose to work with the BAU of the FBI, telling them everything about his life, how he thought, how he tried to control his victims, in short telling them all about how a killer like him worked.  But this came to an abrupt end when he was murdered by a fellow inmate.

    Fred West & Sutcliffe have been covered extensively, and I have never really examined the crimes of Dennis Neilsen, except in some of the murders, he had his victims bodies with him for some days, as if they were a couple!  Echoes of Dahmer.
I will write more of my thoughts on certain cases and crimes in forthcoming chapters.