Thursday, 14 February 2013

Musings on a Variety of Subjects

Whilst I have covered a multitude of subjects on this blog, I have deliberately avoided certain subjects, such as The Krays, Fred West, Ted Bundy, Sutcliffe, Dennis Neilsen, Dahmer, Gacy, the Mafia.  These are people that have been extensively covered, and I know that I could have many visitors to this blog using them, but I decided that I will put all these eggs in one basket.  

    Let us start with the heroes to the retarded; The Krays.  When they went away, they were largely forgotten about until the later 80`s, and with the film, that all changed.  The man who led the charge was Tony "Gang Boss" Lambrianou, known as the "Keeper of the Krays Flame."  One person referred to Lambrianou as the "Biggest fannying bastard of them all", obviously forgetting about Dave Courtney.  Some people have likened them to master criminals but others have dismissed them as unintelligent thugs made out to be much more than they were.  Lambrianou claimed that Reg could have been a successful businessman.  Yes, that`s right.  That`s why they had crooked businessmen Leslie Payne and Freddie Gore working for them.  So why did good ole clever Reg need them?  "Ronnie was doing deals with Russians whilst in Broadmoor," claimed another.  So why would Russian gangsters want to deal with an old villain, visited by equally old villains and young wanna-bes and plastic gangsters.  Obviously, the Ruskies see more possibilities with him than the likes of the really big villains such as the Arifs, Adams, Coleman, Hiscock, White, Daly, Hunt, Brindle and other powerful families.  

    Another one is Kate Kray, or Howard(Her name before the marriage) she tended to say things like "The last time I saw a look like that was Ron"  "Ron was the best money getter I have ever seen," etc, etc.  Well, Brain of Britain, he did n `t have to, as he had plenty of old friends ready to hand him money.  For what reason?  Plus plenty of hangers-on, no doubt being told "Now you are on the firm," and they then thinking that they are now in the truly big league.  No doubt their hero had a bloody good laugh at the mugs after they left.  

    What about Charlie Kray?  He had a book come out in 1976 that tried to claim that they were not villains, but tough guys hounded by a vindictive Police.  Yes, that`s right.  Police were not too bothered to really investigate them were they?  I wonder how many Police protected them?  On the take?  Paying cops off for information and to stop them arresting them?  Just shows how truly "Powerful" they were.  Members of the Arifs and the Adams families have gone down, and the Krays were nothing compared to them.  What about comments by Joe Pyle?  "When they died, they did not have a pot to piss in!"  And as for their "Criminal Empire" his comment was "Some Empire." Ah, but we must not destroy the "Legend."