Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Laser Man

The Laser Man was a gunman who stalked and then shot his victims in the Swedish capital Stockholm.  His gun had one of those laser sights, which flashed a red dot on the target, hence the name given to him by the Police and the press.  The victims he stalked were foreigners to Sweden, giving rise to the theory that he was a man with a hatred to outsiders.  One of his victims died and eleven were wounded.  The Police used all their resources, including a criminal profiler, but could not get near him as his targets were so random, and with no time line between attacks.

    Another huge problem for the Stockholm Police was that a lone bank robber was hitting banks, and was seeming to vanish into thin air.  Eventually, a suspect emerged, but with no evidence, they had to keep him under surveillance.  One day, the suspect emerged from his home and rode off on a bicycle, carrying a hold all over his shoulder, dressed in a suit and tie.  They managed to keep him in sight, and saw him disappear into an alleyway, then he emerged in a casual top with a hood.  The Police watched as he entered a bank, then a minute or two later ran out as an alarm sounded.  The Police immediately drew their guns and had him at gunpoint. 

    In the Police station, they realised that they had caught the solitary bank robber.  After running from the banks, he would disappear out of sight and then re-emerge in a suit and tie, completely throwing off the Police.  His total number of robberies was around twenty.  His gun was examined by ballistics experts, and the bullets matched the bullets taken from the victims.  Police had also caught the notorious Laser Man.  His excuse for the shootings was that he hated foreigners moving into Stockholm.  Good, patient work had caught red-handed a prolific bank robber and stalking gunman.