Thursday, 7 February 2013

Crime Detection PT2

Back in the late 70`s, there was an attempt to form a national drugs squad, in the wake of the Operation Julie arrests.  That is, a squad like the Drug Enforcement Agency in the USA.  naturally, such a proposal was taken so seriously by the Government, Home Office and Police hierarchy.  Actually, it wasn`t.  As a result, many of the Julie officers resigned from the Force.  The lead detective Dick Lee, made a number of predictions about a complete change of face of the drugs scene.  All were ignored, and we see the result all around us.  He wanted a squad to go around the country, keeping a boot on the neck of the drugs scene.  For years, the drug scene has not been the preserve of hippies in the 60`s.  They are long gone and buried.  They could not operate for long these days without real villains moving in on them, and either intimidating them out of business, or setting them up to the Police, or quite simply, eliminating them.  Lee was not to know that professional villains had already moved into drug importation and distribution, in Liverpool, in the late 60`s.  Other villains did not get involved until the late 70`s seventies.

    Yet more stories emerge about how the Police used some information, made a huge case out of little and had "Savage" sentences handed out to the participants of "Julie."  All to form a national drugs squad.  If the Police wanted a national squad, then so fucking what!  Again, it seems to me that these fucknuts are of the view that the people arrested over "Julie" were middle class and so therefore different to all those working class arrested and jailed for drug offences.  This is called snobbery and class discrimination.  They all did well out of their ILLEGAL enterprises but their apologists cannot stop crying.  The same phrase applies to all lawbreakers;  If you cannot do the sentence, then DO NOT COMMIT THE CRIME!!!  To top it off, I think that they should have been taken down by the drugs squad that was led by Vic Kellaher, and with the likes of Pilcher arresting them, then they REALLY would have had something to cry about.  I would like to hear from Martyn Pritchard, the cop who started off the "Julie" case, and hear his views on the comments made about the case and the claims of Nigel Fielding about his questioning by Pritchard. It made me think about the claims of supergrass Darren Nichols about his claims that two experienced officers, and one of them in particular, was getting "really excited" about what Nichols claims he was telling them.  Nichols was the man whose word alone convicted Steele and Whomes over the Range Rover triple murders.