Saturday, 16 February 2013

Excuses By Sex Killers

Listening to the excuses given by sex killers for their crimes and their ducking of any troublesome questions by Police or any other interviewers, shows the true colours of these reptiles.  A couple of examples were shown in a documentary entitled "Most Evil" hosted by Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Stone.  He examines the cases and also delves into the backgrounds of the perpetrators, and even interviews them, to assess where he would place them on a scale of evil he developed, scoring from one to twenty two.  Scoring twenty two placed that person as the worst and most evil criminal.

    One man Dr. Stone interviewed had killed some children, but claimed(As usual)that he was innocent and he had been framed by the Police.  Dr. Stone asked him about the murders, but he instantly refused to talk about them as he had not committed them, and threatened to end the interview if he persisted.  Dr. Stone asked him about anger issues or any fantasies about hurting people.  "I never have thoughts like that" he claimed.  "But everybody does have these sort of thoughts, even of doing the worst things possible but would never act on them.  Even I have had fantasies like that in my life, especially when I was young," Dr. Stone told him.  "I have never had thoughts like that," the guy persisted, "I would never harm anybody or even think about it."   Dr. Stone placed him at 22.  His crimes were sickening.

    Another person who did not like probing questions was Cindy Hendy, partner in crime to a truly twisted sex torturer and killer, David Parker Ray. Ray and Hendy had a converted trailer that they had christened "The Toy Box" but a toy it was most definitely not.  It was a torture chamber filled with restraints, pulleys, with a gynaecologists chair, so the victims had their legs strapped open.  Ray used cattle prods and soldering irons on his victims, whilst Hendy held the victims at gunpoint.  Years before, Ray had both his son and daughter help him kidnap women so he could torture them.  Unbelievable, yet it happened.  Later, Ray hooked up with Hendy.  She trawled bars, finding solitary women and pretending to befriend them, getting them drunk and then taking them to Ray.

    Dr. Stone was interviewing Hendy in prison and started asking questions about why she teamed up with a man so much older than herself.  She replied that she would not talk about that.  Dr. Stone then asked if she saw him as a father figure or was her relationship with her father un-natural?  This made her very angry and she threatened to walk out of the room if he continued with this line of questions.  Nothing like hitting the nail on the head.  It is not known how many women Ray killed, but some of his victims did survive.  Ray has since died in prison. Dr. Stone placed Ray at 22 on his scale.