Thursday, 7 February 2013

Crime Detection - The Culture Has Changed

Britain has always done very in lagging behind the USa in their approach to crime.  They have had the FBI for many decades, they also have the DEA and the ATF.  These organisations investigate different types of crime, and are specialists in certain fields.  Yet,every attempt to make a national squad over here goes down the tubes.  Why can we not create and expand a specialist team of Police investigators?  Is it inter-departmental jealousies?  Is it territorial?  Are some Police chiefs obsessed with publicity?

    One squad was formed some years ago as a British equivalent to the FBI.  This was the National Crime Squad, formed by joining up the Regional Crime Squads.  However, this fell by the wayside.  Then the Serious Organised Crime Agency - SOCA - was formed and this is the only national squad we have in operation.  With the Bureau, you had to apply and go through assessments, interviews, and training.  Here, with the NCS, if you were a RCS man, then you were in.  No rooting out bad officers, or those not making the grade.  Look at some of the scandals that have erupted over the years with the RCS.  One squad used a professional informer to go around the country, persuading people to set up criminal enterprises, only for him to grass them up for his handlers.  One man refused to get involved in crime, so he was threatened with murder by villains.  Frightened for his life, he set up a forgery scam but one day, the villains descended upon him , arresting him, brandishing RCS warrant cards.  The "villains" were really Police Officers threatening a man with murder, then arresting him for the crime that they had intimidated him into committing.

    What about the scandal of the extent of corruption in the South East RCS?  One of them went to prison for eleven years.  This only unfolded after one officer turned supergrass.  No doubt that they hated him for spilling the beans on them, but is it not strange that they expect criminals to do the same to their confederates?

    A couple of years back, the Home Office put forward a proposal to do what the FBI had done in response to serial killers.  That is, get them to talk and answer many questions about their crimes and build up a data base on their MO`s and quirks.  True to form, some arseholes started bleating.  "What if these felons demand certain privileges?"  The answer is very simple, numbnuts, they are told to piss off.  One renowned former investigator, Bob Taylor, said that if it prevents one murder or helps catch a perpetrator, then it has been worthwhile.  Try telling that to the whingers.