Sunday, 17 February 2013

To Catch A Predator

To Catch A Predator.  A series of stings set up by NBC Television to ensnare sexual predators using the Internet to groom young schoolchildren for sexual purposes.  A child protection organisation goes on the Internet posing as young teens using chatrooms, and soon they are getting into online chats with paedophiles.  A meeting is set up and the "Teen", in reality a young woman lets the man know she is home alone.  Incredibly, some of the men spend hours travelling just to be with a teen.

    The house that they are entering is in fact filled with hidden cameras and microphones.  When the man enters the house, the girl shouts that she will be there in a moment, but then the host of the programme enters the kitchen.  He tells them to sit down and begins to question them about why they are there.  Some turn and run out but the vast majority sit down as they believe the host is a Police Officer.  The excuses are always the same, they wanted to hang out with the teen, they believed she was an adult, etc.  The host then shows them the transcripts of the online chat and goes for the jugular.  He then introduces himself, brings in a film crew, which causes the man to run out.  Straight into the arms of the Police.  All are arrested, questioned, processed and either are bailed or go to jail.  They all appear in court.

    How would such an operation go down here?  No doubt in my mind.  The civil liberties and human rights wankers would be screaming from the rooftops.  "This is entrapment!"  Again, no doubt in my mind, but when it would come to explaining that these predators knew they were children and yet they still appeared, the whingers would talk around the question rather than answer it.  I have heard the woman that was in charge of Liberty, questioned on the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 some years ago, and she never answered one question directly.  Truth hurts does n `t it?