Friday, 22 February 2013

Heavy Metal - The Threat To US Society

Would you regard a form of music as a threat to the fabric of society?  Well, it has happened.  Back in the 80`s, heavy metal music was regarded as eroding and corrupting the young and turning them into monsters.  Of course, many rational people would say that these "Dangers" of rock music, are nothing more than rantings of lunatics, looking for somebody or something, to hang blame on for the failings in peoples lives.  Artistes like Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest have been accused of causing murders, when rational people would look into the backgrounds, family histories and behaviour of the young men "driven to kill" by music.

    Yet, when you look beyond the ridiculous accusations about the music, you find rather sinister actions carried out by authorities in the name of "decency."  This process dealt with young men and women rock fans being "Demetallised!"  They would be closely monitored to see that they did not wear clothes that made them "metalheads" or wear bands or caps with band names on, or listening to rock music.  Eventually, some of these were presented to the public as being "Proper members of society," wearing suits and ties, skirts and pony tails, with "decent" haircuts, singing hymns.  I call this BRAINWASHING!!!!

    Since when is a form of music going to drive people to kill or become criminals?  I have not heard about these measures being used on youngsters honed on rap and in particular "Gangsta Rap."  Or was somebody with long hair deemed a threat to National Security?  Some people actually believe that everything about Marilyn Manson is real!  Like Glen Benton of the band Deicide, a man who has said, "I want to use music to reach the seven gates of hell!"  How many people took him seriously?  Some will, yet Benton is a happily married family man and music is his livelihood.  

    Metal music did come to the fore in the late 80`s with the burning of some churches resulting in a couple of murders committed by a Black Metal fanatic, in Norway.  Proof of the real sinister intent of this form of music.  Bollocks!!  All they were, were the actions of a disturbed individual who truly believed certain things.  This happens in all walks of life.  How many times do you hear of a killer or sex offender who was a solid church goer, and was viewed as the last person who would be thought of in such a way?  Quite a few.

    Quite a few!