Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lust Killers

Crimes of Passion.  A phrase used to describe murders of wives or husbands by their spouses, usually carried out by the third part of the triangle.  This is a false assertion as the crimes are driven by pure lust, and the driving force behind the adulterous affairs and subsequent control freaks and narcissists.  Here are some examples from the USA.

    Brent Poole married his dream girl, Renee, but after a couple of years she tired of being a housewife and mother, and started lap dancing at a local bar.  She became very popular with the clientèle and was bringing home good money.  Soon Brent Poole was going into the bar to watch his wife at work, and it seemed that he enjoyed watching her at work and the customers knowing she was his wife.  Renee Poole was in her element, as she was in the position she enjoyed most; being the centre of attention.  Soon she was having affairs with both men and women, and then started an affair with a man called John Frazier.  She left her husband, and set up home with Frazier, taking their small daughter with her.  However, after a consultation with a lawyer, she could have a divorce but all her actions would count against her, and she would not have the money to continue the lifestyle she craved.  She hatches a plot in which she returns to her husband, but carries on with Frazier.  They go away for a break and whilst on a beach at night, they are confronted by a masked gunman.  He shot Brent Poole twice in the head but he did not die immediately.  He died in hospital.  In the investigation, Police received information about Renee and Frazier, and the Police eventually arrested them both.  He received thirty years and she, life without parole.  She manipulated him, planned the demise of Poole, and always wanted to be the centre of attention.

    Next is the case of Dan Willoughby and his total obsession with a Mexican woman named Yesenia.  Willoughby spent as much time and money on her as he could, and Yesenia was a very demanding woman.  Mrs Willoughby ran her own business with her mother, and Dan wanted to set up a branch of the business in Mexico, so giving him all the time he could want with Yesenia.  But his wife would not bite and arranged for the entire business to pass to her or her mother, should tragedy ever happen.  Willoughby decided that she had to go, and set up a plan to take his children out for the day, whilst his wife slept in.  They were down in Mexico for a few days.  They came back to find Mrs Willoughby dead, murdered, as if by an intruder.  But, as in many cases like this, the plot unravelled.  Yesenia was arrested and told astonished Police the entire story.  Dan ended up getting life without parole, whilst Yesenia received thirty five years in a Mexican prison.  The bombshell was that Yesenia used to be Alfredo, a man!  She had the full operation, but it seems that Willoughby did not know.  He was simply infatuated with this voluptuous woman.  What a shock to the system that would have been.