Saturday, 16 February 2013

Politics, Crime & Other Subjects

There was a time when I toyed with the idea of a very small scale self-publishing venture.  One best selling author gave me some projects that had come into the company he worked for and thought if I could do anything with them.  One was a manuscript written by an anarchist, and founder of an organisation that would obviously be closely monitored by Special Branch or MI5. This man and his group resided for years in Moss Side in Manchester, but I was given his address which was now in Bristol.  I wrote to him but never received a response.

    The manuscript in question, was about a young guy arriving from Australia, and within twelve hours, was throwing his first brick at Police during an industrial dispute.  The synopsis boasted that this man had "Done more in the last four years than the anarchist movement has done in the last fifty years!"  In short, he was nothing but an agitator and troublemaker.  Another blurb stated that this book would make "A fucking shed full of money!"  Strange that they should envisage rolling in money, which is a capitalist business view.  There was no mention of sharing it with the oppressed masses!

    If you remember the comedy series "Citizen Smith" with Robert Lindsay and his often repeated phrase "Up against the wall and pop, pop, pop!" the usual left wing way of dealing with people who do not agree with them, it seems that it does not matter if genocide is committed by communist regimes but it is different if they are right wing!  I cannot see any difference.  Totalitarianism is totalitarianism, regardless of political ideals, and Stalin did not start genocide in the Soviet Union, he merely carried it on.  Who did start it then?  Only that hero to the left, Lenin.  Nice man.  Especially if you disagreed with him!

    If you think back to the 60`s and many young people "Turning on" to drugs, the pushers were so admired by the young.  These people were striking back against straight society, and being free.  Yeah, right.  Did these wankers think the pushers were nothing more than the people and institutions they were "Rebelling against?"  As I put in an early post, Clapton was buying cocaine but the pusher decided that he gets no more unless he buys heroin with it.  Of course he wanted to be his buddy and was not interested in getting as much money out of him as possible.  It was all love and peace!  Bollocks!!

    The pusher is the Ultra Capitalist.  They will not accept a payment for drugs one penny below the price.  They want it all.  If you stop, they harass you as to why you are not putting money in their pockets.  How dare junkies stop giving them money!  They will go to any lengths when it involves money.  They will cross up their own relatives, rob their own families, grass up their mates, all to protect the monies they crave.  Does this sound like businesses that left wingers have despised all these years?  That`s right.  Profits at all costs.