Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Jan Garavaglia - Medical Examiner

Jan Garavaglia.  A very highly regarded and respected pathologist.  Her work has been shown for public scrutiny in a TV series.  Dr. Garavaglia did not talk about high profile cases but covered all manner of death, from brutal homicides to suicides and natural deaths.  She enjoyed her work and regarded each post mortem as a challenge to her skills and she did not cut corners or take the easy option.  She examined every single aspect of the death of the individual.

    Her most high profile case was that of the dead toddler Caylee Anthony.  She and her team, which included two Forensic Anthropologists, concluded that the evidence, and all extenuating circumstances, showed that the toddler was a victim of homicide, despite the fact that they could not determine the cause of death.  Dr. G. had her medical competence called into question, but she could not be shaken over her evidence.  Incredibly, the mother of the child, Casey Anthony was cleared by the jury of her murder, but guilty of lying to the Police, which included inventing a baby sitter who turned kidnapper, and many members of the public gave vent to their anger over the verdict, by stating that the jury had "No balls!"  and similar proclamations.

    Dr. G. is one of a great number of high flying women Medical Examiners that work in Law Enforcement throughout the United States.  We do have some over here(one works at a mortuary I deliver mail to) but they were unheard of forty odd years ago.  I wonder how Bernard Spilsbury would have viewed women pathologists if he were around now?  No doubt in my mind; nowhere near as good as him and no other pathologist is still not as good as him.