Thursday, 28 February 2013

Couples Who Kill

Brady & Hindley, The Wests, Bernardo & Homolka.  Couples who killed without remorse.  The unforgiving reality is that women are just as ruthless as men, and indeed, are the instigators of murder, in some cases.  The most infamous are Ian Brady & Myra Hindley.  They murdered five children and buried four of them on Saddleworth Moor.  The long used argument on behalf of Hindley was that she went along with everything simply to please her lover, Brady.  Police involved in the case, and indeed, the court that heard the horrific tape recording of the assault and murder of one of the victims, knew different.  During her imprisonment, it was revealed the highly manipulative tactics Hindley used, in order to get parole, and even attempts to escape.  Does a woman "go along" with truly horrific acts just to satisfy their lover, or are they just as culpable?  No doubt in my mind, she was as bad as him.  She willingly took part in everything.  That is not the actions of a gullible and easily persuaded woman, it is the result of a truly evil and sick mind.

    Fred & Rose West.  Murdered numerous young girls, including some of their own children.  As Fred West was not the brightest penny in the bag, it seems logical that she was probably the driving force behind all their actions.  Again, it beggars belief that the so-called "fairer sex" can be deeply involved in such evil crimes.  The only thing that brought their murderous reign to an end, was the persistent investigating by a female officer into a missing person report.  Fred West was arrested and charged with all the murders, after a massive digging operation carried out at their home and numerous remains were found.  Before he reached court, he hung himself in prison.  However, the Police had their work cut out in getting Rose West to court, and for a while, it was feared that she may walk.  But justice prevailed and she was convicted of ten murders.

    Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka were like a Canadian mirror image of Brady & Hindley.  He started out as a violent rapist, who thought he was untouchable because he was far too clever to be caught out, and willingly gave Police a DNA sample but testing at that time was nowhere near as fast as it is today.  He hooked up with her and they were married, but the rapes did continue.  Then Bernardo told her that he wanted to rape her young sister.  Did she explode with rage?  Did she walk out on him for suggesting such a thing?  No.  She willingly went along with it, and gave her sister alcohol that got her drunk and she also used anaesthetics she obtained from her job, working at a vets`, to keep her unconscious. Her sister ended up choking on vomit and dying, then they covered up their involvement.

    To make matters worse, she helped him kidnap two young girls in separate incidents, keep them hostage whilst they were repeatedly sexually assaulted and then murdered.  They also videoed their acts, including the drugging and rape of Homolka`s sister.  Then Bernardo turned violent to her and she in turn, went to the Police.  She cut a deal with Police that saw her receive ten years for the two girls they abducted, but only told the story of her sister, AFTER the deal was made.  She gave evidence against Bernardo.  He was locked up for life and will probably die in prison.  She received an additional two years for the rape of her own sister.  Bernardo`s lawyer argued that Bernardo never started killing until he met Homolka, that until then he was just a rapist.  He believed Homolka was driving force behind the murders and that she murdered the two girls.  She served the twelve years but is free, married with a child but many believed she had got away with it, and was as bad, if not worse than Bernardo.  Who would allow and assist a boyfriend to rape her younger sister.