Sunday, 24 February 2013

An Old Manchester Character

Time to dig back into my family history and tell a little tale about my great uncle, Wilf, who hailed from Chorlton in Manchester.  I have a photocopy of a picture of him taken probably in the 30`s or 40`s.  Back in those days, there was no state assistance, and when Wilf faced the problem of feeding his family or starving, he chose the criminal root.  He did shops or warehouses, for food or items he could sell for food.  One thing he was not, and that was a housebreaker.  He never stole from people but did so from firms.

    The problem was that Wilf had a defective eye and so was an easy pick up for the Police, but the downside was that the Police were forever "checking up on him" and as a result lost numerous jobs.  Wilf was faced with stealing or starving, so he again chose to steal.  Stealing is wrong, but he was not a violent or threatening man.  He always took his punishment without complaint, and when sent to prison, he took it on the chin.  Unlike the many villains who complain in their memoirs of how they were all framed by the Police!  We know that all villains in jail have been fitted up because they are always far too clever for the Police to catch out!!  Yeah right.