Thursday, 15 May 2014

Unsolved Murder Casebook: Elsie Freeman & John Malthouse

Today i bring to you another two unsolved killings that occurred in Cambridgeshire that Police have looked at in cold case reviews.  The first was of a retired but reclusive nurse, Elsie Freeman.  She was found battered to death in her bedroom in March 1998.  She was discovered with her feet bound.  The attack took place at her home in Mill Road in Impington, Cambridgeshire, and she had lain dead for three days.  Police started an investigation which included dredging a nearby pond, located off Newnham Road, but found nothing.  The case went cold.  The investigation was revived in a rolling review of unsolved cases in 2007 but after months of investigation, again nothing was found, and so Police closed down the case and it seems that the killer of the 76 year old, has gotten away with murder.  Police originally thought that it was a burglary gone wrong, but why kill an old lady?  Most burglars are young, and usually drug addicts looking to find something to sell.  As with reclusive people, their properties can be rundown, so an experienced burglar should not be bothered with a rundown home but a junkie desperate for a fix....

    The second unsolved death was that of a homeless man John Malthouse.  Mr Malthouse lived in various parts of Cambridge, but that ended on August 22nd 1986, when he was found violently beaten to death in a public toilets in Victoria Avenue, off Midsummers Common in Cambridge.  Most likely, he used the toilets for somewhere to sleep, but why should he be beaten so savagely?  Did somebody find him in there and decided to use him for a bit of "sport?"  Let`s face it, contrary to the bullshit spouted by whingers and apologists, there are many scumbags who are just aching to cause trouble or injure somebody, usually a weaker or vulnerable person, just to show what big men they really aren`t.  A sad fact of life, and in all probability, a man is killed for no reason at all.

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