Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Ordeal of Jennifer Schuett

Jennifer Schuett suffered the most savage and sickening attack from a paedophile who left her for dead.  This attack took place in August 1990, when sick, twisted bastard Dennis Bradford snatched 8 year old Jennifer from her bedroom and made off with her.  He then raped the little girl and then, if that was not enough, he slit the child`s throat, and then left her, convinced that she would soon be dead.  But it did not work out like that, and miraculously, little Jennifer survived.  Police were able to get samples left by the assailant, but DNA was still a developing science, so were unable to build a profile at that time.  It was nine years later, that the continuing improvements in technology, they not only built a DNA profile, but got a match on the database.

    The assailant was Dennis Bradford, and was traced to Arkansas, but it was ten years before Police were able to build a case, and in 2010, Bradford was scheduled to appear on charges of rape and attempted murder.  Justice was denied because Bradford committed suicide before the trial.  The effects of the horrific attack, badly damaged Jennifer internally, but thanks to science, IVF and a determined medical team, Jennifer fell pregnant, something she and her husband thought would never happen.  Naturally, in this day and age, there will be the wankers who would feel sympathy for Bradford but the picture of Jennifer lying in a hospital bed with a tube in her throat, so she could breathe, should shock any liberal thinking bastard.  Bradford topped himself.  Good.  Jennifer and her family have rebuilt their lives.  Tremendous courage.