Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Disappearance of Colleen Wood

It is not surprising that the disappearance of this lady is featured on a forums, and the people who use it, do not hold back on their comments as to what happened and who is responsible.  The lady in question is Colleen Wood, a native of Dayton, Ohio, born on December 2nd 1947, and later on in life, realised an ambition to move to Florida, where she bought a home and found herself a job she really enjoyed.  It was in Florida that she met a man born in the Netherlands called John Lee Paul, and fell hook, line & sinker for him.  Paul, who was born 3rd December 1939, had been a racing driver, but Colleen was not to know that this man had been jailed for 15 years for drug smuggling and the attempted murder of a federal witness.

    She met him through a personal ad, but Paul had not long been released from prison, yet he had a yacht named "Island Girl" and seemed well off.  Paul persuaded Colleen to sell her Condo, which she did and that he would invest her money for her.  Colleen told her son Michael, that they were going sailing for a while and that she would be in touch.  Her employer, Maureen Canada, spoke to Colleen on her cell phone, whilst she and Paul were out at Key West, inviting her to a christmas party.  Colleen never showed up at the party.  Her son Michael was desperately trying to contact her but her cell phone account had been closed.  He contacted Police, but they said they could do nothing as a crime had not even occurred.  Michael went on the Internet to search any details about Paul, and was shocked to see details of his crimes.  Police spoke to him but he said he and Colleen had split up after a row.  He told Michael that his mum turned up at his yacht with a footballer boyfriend, to get her possessions.  Whoever spoke to him, received a different version of events.  Some months after Colleen vanished, there was movement on her credit cards.  Cameras at ATMs filmed two different women using her cards.  Police tracked them down and they admitted they did it for a man, fitting Paul`s description.  Also, ads appeared in newspapers under her name and paid with her card.  The person who placed them was a man.

    Paul vanished before Police could arrest him for parole violation, but have absolutely no evidence linking him to Colleen`s disappearance.  Paul is keeping clear of places where he could be extradited from.  Everybody believes that Paul has murdered her and where else to dump her body but at sea.  He has a history of violence, he had the means of disposal, he had her credit cards and got women to draw Colleen`s money out.  He keeps giving different versions of what happened, and has fled.  What more circumstantial do you need?  Hopefully, this shark will get his comeuppance.