Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Andrew Young - Innocent Victim

The Laws in this country have a tendency to pop up and treat the victims of crime and in particular, murder, with nothing but contempt.  A recent case was that of 40 year old Andrew Young, who was killed by a thug, who received a paltry 4 year sentence(will only actually serve two), a decision upheld by the Lord Chief Justice, after an appeal by Attorney General Dominic Grieve on the leniency of the sentence.  Andrew, who suffered from Asperger's Syndrome, and so was vulnerable, was violently punched by convicted robber Lewis Gill, fell and struck his head in a crowded Bournemouth street.  What had he done to deserve this?  Gill was walking with a man called Victor Ibitoye, who was riding a bicycle on the pavement.  Andrew said that riding a bike on the pavement was dangerous.  With that, Gill launched himself at Andrew, striking him with a vicious punch that knocked him down, where he struck his head.  With that, this bastard simply walked away.  There was numerous witnesses and cctv that caught the whole incident.  Andrew died the next day in Southampton Hospital.

    He was given just 4 years for manslaughter, because he pleaded guilty(well he could not fucking deny it!) indicating "remorse" - yeah sure - but this sparked national outrage.  The Appeal Judges said the sentence was fair and not lenient!  To add insult to injury, this scumbags mother, Sherron O`Hagen  said that the case was no big deal, what is the fuss all about?  That scumbag son of yours killed a man for no reason, that`s what you stupid bitch.  Typical apologist shit, not giving a toss what their offspring do.  Was justice served here?  Not a chance!  But not to worry, there will always be the civil liberties and human rights cunts who will be praying for Lewis Gill.  The family of Andrew Young will never enter their minds.