Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Babes in the Wood Murders

There had been a few multiple murders of children in wooded areas that have carried the name from the old children`s tale.  There was the Cannock Chase murders in the mid 60`s of three young girls, in which Raymond Morris was convicted of two of them.  There was another around 1970 that was investigated by Leonard "Nipper" Read, of a small boy & girl but failed to find their killers.  This double murder took place in october 1986, when two nine year old girls, Nicola Fellows & Karen Hadaway, were found strangled in the Wild Park area of Brighton.  Suspicion quickly fell on a young man, Russell Bishop, and he was charged with two counts of murder.  Evidence was that a sweatshirt was found on the route that Bishop would have taken to his home.  Fibres found on the shirt matched fibres on the victims.  There were also Ivy spores on the shirt that matched the crime scene, but Bishop denied the shirt was his and he was acquitted by a jury.

    Now we move forward to February 1990, and Bishop is arrested for the abduction, molestation and attempted murder of a seven year old girl.  In December 1990, Bishop is jailed for a minimum of 14 years, and of 2007, was still in jail.  That tells you loud and clear that Bishop had a thing about hurting young girls, but despite changes to the double jeopardy law after 800 years, in 2005, it was felt there was insufficient evidence to charge him with the murders of Karen & Nicola.  Of course, the change of this law had its critics, notably the wankers at Liberty, citing innocent people could be jailed.  Well, the tabloids screamed for this law to be changed in order to charge Colin Stagg, but as it is now known, the real killer of Rachel Nickell was Robert Napper.  I have not come across anything from Liberty screaming from the rooftops about the Police, led by Keith Pedder, and the honey trap, concocted with the help of Paul Britton, about the attempts to get Stagg say "I did it" by any method possible.  On this point, their mouths have remained firmly shut. 

    The people of Brighton organised a protest march about the failure to catch a heinous child killer, but will the killer ever be apprehended by modern and advanced forensics, is open to debate.  Bishop was cleared of their murders and is therefore innocent, unless evidence is provided to say otherwise.