Friday, 16 May 2014

The Murder of Carly Bateman

This murder illustrates just how sick people can be, with twisted obsessions with very young girls.  Geoffrey Porter, from Wigan, is such a man.  He was convicted in 2002 of murdering 17 year old prostitute Carly, in Bolton.  Porter had a long record of indecent assaults against girls aged just 8, 10 & 11.  He picked up prostitute Carly, strangled her and then dumped her body in an alley.  She weighed a tiny six stone and looked years younger than she actually was.  It is common for very young looking hookers to become favourites of perverted punters because they feel like they are fucking a very young girl.  What they truly are, is apparent to the girls, but it can be construed that if they keep these paedos happy, then they may not attack children.  And no doubt they go home to an unsuspecting wife, afterwards.

    Porter was trapped by DNA and fibre evidence, but proclaimed his innocence.  The Judge, Justice Holland, commented on how young Carly looked and this was the reason for the crime.  Carly had become addicted to - what else - but heroin, and had to get money somehow.  Her mother, worried sick, travelled from her home in Doncaster, leaving money with Carly`s friends, so she did not put herself at risk on the streets.  The family had moved to Doncaster, from Bolton but Carly returned to it`s streets.  Porter, 41, had been evicted from his home because he was living with a prostitute, had lost his job working in a warehouse, and was sleeping in his car.  Diddums!  Porter was also a Mormon churchgoer, but as is seen very often, some of the worst offenders are regular churchgoers.  Since when does standing in front of an altar or cross make somebody a good person.  Look at Catholic priests and the abuse scandals that always arise and the sadism of Nuns, which stems from sexual repression.  That commandment is always ignored; thou shalt not kill.  At least Porter is no longer available to wreck more young lives.