Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Murder of George Weber & The Dangers of The Internet

The Internet has truly revolutionised the lives of people from all four corners of the globe.  What can be a great idea can also become a deadly one.  A number of people have found that out to their cost.  The sex trade has now gone online for virtually 20 years, and there are prostitutes who think that working on the web gives them that extra protection.  Wrong!  One website that has truly exploded is Craigslist, which is like another version of ebay, but on this you can advertise sexual services or ask for casual sex.  George Weber was a veteran radio news reporter in New York, but his many friends never knew about his dark side.  He was well known in Brooklyn for a busy social life, drinking in the clubs and bars.  He liked to trawl the net for casual encounters with young men.  He also had a fixation for bondage and auto-eroticism.  That asphyxiation game that can come from choking or suffocation.  Is it worth it?  Ask David Carradine & Michael Hutchence.  Weber was in contact with a 16 year old lad named John Katehis who would  do what Weber demanded.  This resulted in a most savage death for Weber.  He was stabbed more than fifty times.  When Weber failed to turn up for work at ABC News, Police were sent to check his home.  They found him in his bedroom.  It was 22nd March 2009.  His apartment had been ransacked.  Police checking his cell phone for calls and texts, soon led to John Katehis.  Katehis tried to claim it was self defence and that Weber had plied him with cocaine.  He cut himself badly during the attack and eventually had to be taken to hospital, where a routine blood test is done.  There was no drugs in his system.  He could not explain why he stabbed him that many times and has consistently refused to say just did happen in Weber`s apartment.  John Katehis received 25 years jail.  It appears that he was actually a ticking bomb.  Numerous pictures of him show an obsession with knives, and he postings he put on the Internet expressed extreme aggression.

    Another spate of victims that used Craigslist were four of the victims of the Long Island Serial Killer.  These were prostitutes who advertised on the site.  There was Phillip Markoff who murdered one and attacked two others, who advertised services on Craigslist.  He was caught.  Then there were the young couple from Nottingham, who set up an online game that was popular with youngsters around the globe.  But one young man became not only obsessed with the game, but with the girl who helped devise it.  He was in Germany, but soon they received a severe shock when he turned up on their doorstep.  Soon, he had become a stalker and eventually, this sicko murdered the girl.  Then there are young women who are targeted by men to become online sex workers, promising them lots of money and usually, they become their pimps.  One young women was 18 year old Emily Sander, from Kansas.  She was working her way through college and took two jobs to help her financially.  Reportedly, somebody suggested she become a model for an online porn site, and so with a webcam, she started posing in bikinis, and started receiving good money.  Then she started stripping, and the money increased, and eventually, she was playing with herself for admirers, and she stayed doing this because of the money that was rolling in.  

    Her family had absolutely no idea this was going on, and were devastated, but she would not stop. A boyfriend she had, finished with her when he found out.  As ever, all what was going on, started taking over her and she revelled in the notoriety she was getting.  She was even going into bars with the words "porn star" written on her for all to see.  Naturally, she was going to run into the wrong man, and his name was Morales.  It was not clear why, but he exploded whilst in a room with her and killed her.  He then fled to Mexico.  It was about two years later that he returned to the States but was arrested, charged, convicted and jailed.  People just do not take safety into consideration, because you do not know what deviates, predators, killers and such, are monitoring the net for potential victims.  I met my wife online, and we have been together for 13 years.  I put safety first and foremost. I gave out so much information that even Inspector Clouseau would have easily found me.  Unfortunately, there are many who didn`t.