Sunday, 4 May 2014

Teens Who Kill PT2

A recent documentary about five men who killed as teenagers and received life without parole, was a very interesting viewing.  You got to gauge the five and what they had to say about the crimes for which they were convicted.  The first was two boys, 16 at the time, who killed a young girl at their school, named Cassie.  Brian & Torey.  When jailed, Brian was taken under his wing by an older inmate who told him to cut the bullshit and face up to his crime.  Which he has done.  Now he says, yes, he and Torey killed Cassie.  Brian tried to fit in at school but felt he was always an outsider or outcast.  The reason why was obvious.  He stuttered.  This made him shy and no doubt, tongue tied when trying to converse with girls.  He felt hatred for the world.  He admitted to liking what Harris & Klebold did at Columbine.  Another boy who felt like him was Torey.  They actually filmed themselves planning their murder, but Torey wanted to do a "Scream" style killing.  Cassie was stabbed to death and they wore clown like masks.  So whose idea did they use?  Torey believes he is innocent and his parents believe he was "manipulated" by Brian.  Yes, that`s right.  How many charismatic leaders are there who stutter?  To me, the parents believe what they want to believe, and I got the impression he wraps them around his finger

    Another young boy at the time, Jacob, shot and killed his mother and stepfather.  Judging by what he said, he was abused by both of them for years, and snapped.  He says that he would have had big regrets if it had been any other people but he had no remorse for his parents.  Indeed, he hated his mother far more than his stepfather.  He said that as a young boy he was continuously given enemas by his mother.  This gives to speculation that he may have "cleaned out" for his stepfather.  If true, then it is very sick.

    Josiah killed his parents, and his sister said that the family had been part of a religious cult.  For years, they had cult members, in and out of their home.  She said that their parents could and should have done a better job at protecting them.  This implies that these "People of God" were allowed by the parents to do whatever they pleased to the children.  Great `eh!  People who like to preach about God & Jesus who think nothing of sexually abusing youngsters.  Amazing just how many sick perverts there are who try to hide under the banner of religion.  Again, if you look at all the weird freaks in the "God Squad" Berg, Koresch, Jones, etc, as mentioned before, mysteriously the Ten Commandments go out of the window.

    The last case was a lad called Sean.  This case was different, as Sean was a member of the Bloods, and he shot killed a Crip or a Crip associate, so it was a gang killing.  Sean was jailed in 1990, and after so many years, he turned his back on the gang culture, started educating himself in prison, and was trying to convince jailed youngsters to quit the gang lifestyle.  In 2011, he was actually paroled, and his mission is still to turn people`s lives around.  Let us hope he stays true to his word.  What all these did was wrong.  Very wrong.  But no matter what the circumstances, murder is wrong and you pay the price.