Monday, 19 May 2014

Jackie Dancy - Biker Moll

Jackie Dancy turned into a woman who thrived on cocking a snoot at authorities in the States and was brazen enough to walk into Police stations in disguise, where she was wanted.  She started off as a very studious and conscientious teenager but as is often the case, she decides to rebel against her parents.  She hooked up with a biker from a small outlaw club in Florida, something her parents completelt disapproved off, but she was now getting set in her ways.  To complete this rebellion to the full, she became a topless dancer, and made herself some money.  She did marry her biker, Edward Dancy, still a young woman, and carried on dancing, but he earned himself a spell in jail.

    She still hung around with his club buddies but one night she was dancing in a club, when her eye fell upon a patron really admiring her.  His name was Charles Hackett, and they hooked up together, but after so long, trouble was about to erupt big time.  One night, in an apartment in Longwood, Florida, her husband burst through the door, having been released from jail, so Hackett grabbed a sawn off shotgun he kept and shot Edward Dancy twice, severely wounding him.  He left the apartment for a couple of minutes, but when he returned, Dancy was dead.  Jacky had managed to strangle him with some cord because he was too injured to resist.  Hackett was horrified at what she had done, but together they wrapped the body up and dumped it.  It was easily discovered.  Enquiries led to them both but Hackett was picked up by Police whilst Jackie went on the run.  Hackett tried to take the entire blame, but the truth was discovered.  He was jailed for up to 16 years. but fell foul of prison authorities when he was caught tunneling out of the jail with others.

    Jackie went back to topless dancing, and had a habit of putting on disguises and walking into Police stations, looking at the wanted posters, and if she saw one of herself, asked if she could take it.  This gave her a huge rush as she thrived on attention.  Her luck ran out when she was arrested at the Sahara Nightclub in Biloxi, Mississippi, where she was dancing.  What did for her was the biker tattoo she had done on her backside and this was recognised by a patron. Off she went to jail, ending the rebellious streak she warmed to.  She was only 21.