Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Unsolved Murder of Peter Stone

Another puzzler for the unsolved murder casebook is that of Cambridgeshire postman Peter Stone.  The Police have officially closed the book on this despite all unsolved homicides remaining open.  Whatever had 37 year old Mr Stone done to be bludgeoned outside a pub is still unknown.  This brutal assault occurred on 30th November 2003, outside the Chequers Pub on High Street, in the village of Cottenham.  Mr Stone was taken to the Addenbrooke Hospital but died from his injuries the next day.  Police acted swiftly, by arresting four men in Swansea, with the help of Swansea Police on 2nd December.  It seemed that they were preparing to board a ferry to Ireland, and were brought back to Cambridge.  The following day, a 49 year old man also arrested and questioned.  The four men arrested in Wales were released on 6th December without charge, and then two months later, on 2nd February, the 49 year old was released without charge.  The police then arrested a sixth man in January 2004, but the 33 year old was later released later in the year, without charge on 24th November 2004.

    The Police investigation started with between 40 & 50 officers, but after a couple of weeks, the squad was scaled down to 15 officers, then later on to 7, and in 2005, they closed the case, admitting defeat, but hopefully, over the years, the unsolved murders will be subjected to review, and maybe one day, the assailant or assailants will stand trial.  Nobody should ever be allowed to get away with murder.