Monday, 5 May 2014

The Murders of Michaela Hague & Dawn Shields

Readers may wonder why I feature a great number of murders of women, and prostitutes on this blog.  The reason is simple; many cops have a cavalier view on prostitute murders, that they are professional victims.  The public conception of their murders is worse.  Plus, a point that I hope comes across, is just how manly and tough men are who target the weaker sex.  Yes, there are many woman haters, but how many choose to obliterate a woman`s life?  Murder is murder, no matter who the victim is.  Michaela Hague, aged 25, from Pitsmoor in Sheffield, was working as a prostitute in the Bower Street area on 5th November 2001.  The mum of one was found in a secluded car park in Spitalfields.  She had been stabbed 19 times in the neck and back.  She was rushed to the Northern General Hospital, but died three hours later from her numerous wounds.  But she was able to give a description to the Police Officer first on the scene, and he wrote the details on his hand.  She was picked up by a man just after 19.00 hours and found an hour later.  She described her assailant as white, bespectacled, about 38 years old and around 6 feet in height.  He also wore a wedding ring.  Thirteen years on, he remains at large.

    The second murder is that of Dawn Shields, aged 19.  Like Michaela, a mother of one.  She was discovered in a shallow grave on Mam Tor, near Castleton, in the Peak District.  Her nude body was found by National Trust Wardens, on 22nd May 1994.  She had thought to have laid there for a week.  Police scoured all the surrounding area for her clothes but found nothing.  She had suffered extensive head injuries, and Police believe she was murdered elsewhere.  This murder was suggested by one of Professor David Wilson`s Criminology students as possibly being committed by Stephen Griffiths, the killer of three women in Bradford.  Unless Griffiths was in Sheffield at the time, then he is ruled out.  This was at least thirteen years before he killed in Bradford.  He boasted that he did more then said he only killed the three.  He could be a suspect for Rebecca Hall, but what exactly has he been up to prior to the first murder, that of Susan Rushworth?  We only speculate, which, obviously, is not proof.  As ever, any knowledge, pass it on to the Police.