Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Kiernan Kelly - Mass Murderer?

Kiernan Kelly is not a name that will ever stand out as one of the most evil bastards ever to walk this country as it does not have the headline grabbing appeal of Sutcliffe, West or Neilsen, but rest assured, he is one twisted man.  Kelly first made the headlines in 1984 when he was convicted at the Old Bailey of two murders.  Originally from Ireland, 54 year old Kelly came over in 1953 and lived as a vagrant, but developed a pathological hatred of them despite being one himself.  His first known victim was another vagrant known as Hector Fisher, who was found dead from multiple stab wounds on December 25th 1975.  His body was discovered in a Clapham churchyard.  Last seen alive on Christmas Eve, he was seen loitering with a group of men dressed up as Santas.  All these were questioned by Police but nobody was arrested.  One of them was Kelly.

    Then 18 months later, on 2nd June 1977, 68 year old Maurice Weighly was found murdered in Soho.  His face and genitals had been mutilated.  He had also had the neck of a broken bottle forced up his rectum.  Two tramps were found with bloodstains on them, and they were arrested.  One of them was Kelly.  The other vagrant gave evidence for the Prosecution, but the Defence lawyer destroyed his credibility by citing his alcoholism and that he was blind drunk when the alleged assault took place.  Kelly was acquitted of murder.  Kelly later admitted he poured white spirits down the throat of this man, killing him.

    Then in May of 1983, an elderly was pushed in front of an oncoming train at Kensington Station but fortunately, the train driver was able to stop in time.  Witnesses identified Kelly as the perpetrator, and so he was charged with attempted murder.  Incredibly, despite witnesses testimony, the jury could not reach a decision, and so this twisted killer was acquitted.  Kelly was arrested for a robbery and being drunk, and put in a cell with vagrant William Boyd, 55.  But Kelly resented having to share a cell and so he smashed the skull in of Boyd and then strangled him with a ligature made from shoelaces and socks. Unbelievably, he was only charged with manslaughter!  He was convicted of this and sentenced to life.  Then he made admissions to killing Hector Fisher, Maurice Weighly, the vagrant who gave evidence against him, another vagrant who died under a train days after the Kensington attempt.  Police could only confirm that an accident had occurred at Oval Station.  He also claimed to have pushed a man under a train at Baker Street Station in 1953.  He was also convicted of killing Maurice Weighly.   A Psychologist told the court that in his opinion Kelly is far too dangerous to be ever released and should stay behind bars for the rest of his life.  Kelly also claimed to have made many attempts to kill over the years, too many to remember, which if true, makes him a truly evil bastard, but just the sort of man to evoke sympathy from the do-gooders, bleeding hearts, prison reformers and Liberty, but then again, since when do victims count?

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