Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Charles Dingle - Drugged Up Scumbag Murderer

This man conjured an infamous tabloid headline in New York in 1983, when he murdered the owner of a bar he was in and then forced a woman to decapitate him.  It was April 1983, when Dingle, who harboured fantasies of being a cop but was rejected because of a not very nice criminal record, decided on a night out.  Dingle went into a topless bar in Queens, called Herbie`s, and was his usual obnoxious self; throwing booze back and snorting cocaine off the bar as if it was going out of fashion.  The girls were not dancing that night, but Dingle made a scene about wanting girls to dance.  The bar owner, Herbert Cummings, tolerated this man for a couple of hours.  His wife was one of the dancers and was sat at the bar, just having a drink, with a couple of the others.  Finally, when security guard Dingle was given his bill, he exploded screaming that he was not going to pay it.  He was told by Herbie Cummings to leave.  Dingle responded by drawing a gun and shooting Mr Cummings in the head.

    He then locked the doors of the bar, holding four women hostage.  Just to show what a nice gentle man he was, he raped one of them.  They were all constantly threatened with death by this drugged piece of shit, then a knock was heard at the door.  A woman had called there.  So as not to have her call anybody that might upset his plans, he let her in and led her to the others.  He spotted one of her business cards.  She was a Mortician.  He thought his dreams had come true!  She could dig the slug out of the dead man`s head, so cops would have no bullet to link to him.  He gave her a steak knife and ordered her to cut it out, but after some time, she said she could not do it.  Dingle then ordered her to remove the head or he would kill them all.  This poor woman was forced to cut off the head of her friend Herbie, whilst his wife watched in sheer terror.

    The head was put in a box and covered with decorations and streamers, then Dingle ordered a cab from a less than scrupulous firm.  When it arrived, the driver was ordered into the bar at gunpoint, with Dingle taking the Mortician and Mrs Cummings as hostages.  They drove over to Manhattan, intending to dump the head in the river.  Because of the huge amounts of booze and cocaine, Dingle was dozing off, and the car was pulled over and the women escaped, going to Police.  They came across Dingle still in the car, and they wrestled him out and arrested him.  The head was still in the box in the car.  He was tried in a non-jury case and convicted of 2nd degree murder, rape and kidnapping.  He received 25 years to life, and has been denied parole three times.  He has an appalling conduct record in prison, and is viewed as still too dangerous to be released, yet this twat claims he is completely innocent.  Five eye witnesses, cop witnesses(to his arrest) and overwhelming physical evidence still does not prove guilt!!!!  He should have been put down.