Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Unsolved Murder of Brian Hardwick

When a person is shot to death, you would be thinking that there had to be a very serious motive behind it, but when no motive is apparent, it makes it very difficult for police to catch the perpetrator.  Such a case is the still unsolved murder of Bradford man Brian Hardwick, who was gunned down at his place of work and the only evidence at the scene, was that of robbery.  Mr Hardwick was shot twice at Huddersfield  Car Electricals in Colne Road, Huddersfield, on November 21st 2001, but not found until the following day.  He was seen by his colleagues washing his hands, ready to go home, but found his car had a flat tyre, so he prepared to change it.  He was found the next day by the owner.  Mr Hardwick had been shot twice.  His wallet, a purse, a pendant & chain were missing, suggesting a robbery.  His credit car had been used at an Asda ATM in Fartown, Huddersfield, shortly after, and £350 had been withdrawn.  It was the only withdrawal using his card.

    Mr Hardwick had previously lived in Cleckheaton, Birkenshaw, and not long moved to Wibsey in Bradford.  He was 50 years old at the time.  police concentrated on people seen near the garage on the day.  A couple of men were seen separately hanging about.  Mr Hardwick had an argument earlier that day with a man who wanted his car electrics checking without making an appointment.  That is hardly a reason to shoot a man dead.  And as for getting just £350 from a cashpoint, that is simply ridiculous, or is it an example of the American type of murder where you just do not need a reason, slowly emerging in this country?  What about Junkies?  Where would a junkie get the money for a gun?  And if they did have it, that would instantly go to the pushers, ruling out that scenario.  This case is one of 30 that local Police still have reviews on, but 13 years on, there seems to be no solution or closure for his family.  As with my other posts on these unsolved deaths, anybody knows anything, contact the Police.