Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Will Keith Bennett Be Found At Long Last?

With the announcement in the press that a new and more detailed search of Saddleworth Moor for the remains of victim Keith Bennett, it is hoped that a chapter of the sickest events in British criminal history will finally be closed.  As is known worldwide, young Keith was one of the five victims of Ian Brady & Myra Hindley.  Two were discovered in 1965, another in 1987 when a new search was conducted, and one was discovered in their home which brought about their downfall.  It was widely believed Brady deliberately kept the location of Keith`s grave a secret in order to keep playing mind games with the authorities, to show just how superior he is to everybody.   But the announcement also gave a new startling twist; they think there are more bodies.  Victims of paedophiles connected to Brady.  How has this information come about?  Has much information been suppressed by the authorities, possibly because they would not know how to handle the situation?  Or was it because there being more child killers out there, was too much to contemplate?

    The man leading the search is a vastly experienced search & rescue leader, using sniffer dogs and new technology.  He visited the moor with Winnie and took notice of a good number of areas he felt they should search.  This area has now been narrowed down to three large areas.  It has to be accepted that the methods of grave detection are nowhere as good as they are now.  A group of professionals in various avenues of the justice system, are working behind the scenes.  Let us hope that they succeed and locate Keith, and provide closure that his mother Winnie, was never able to see.  She passed away in 2012.  If he is found, I wonder if we will hear apologies from the supporters of Hindley?  Obviously not.