Sunday, 15 June 2014

Craig Allen - Another Drug Pusher Goes Down

Craig Allen was another of those villains that the media like to dub as "Untouchable" yet remarkably this man who cannot be convicted is staring at prison walls for a very long time.  Allen, 50, ran his own little empire of drugs, originally from Sheffield, stretching into Nottinghamshire and parts of Manchester, but found himself on remand for armed robbery and deception.  Being in jail did not stop him, as he took over the payphone in the jail and gave out orders to his accomplices on  the outside.  Yet it took authorities some time to wonder why he was constantly on this phone every day!  Eventually, they tapped it.  He was being transported in a prison bus with seven others when they overpowered guards and escaped.  He was on the run for four months.  Later he was jailed for twelve and a half years, which of course, he did not serve.  Released, he was convicted of conspiring to supply cannabis and received two years.  Again, after release, he faced a very serious charge of involvement in the murder of Sheffield music promoter Lester Divers, but was acquitted.

    Allen had a long string of convictions going back to 1975, as a youngster.  But he had made enemies as he left England to go to Spain taking his family with him.  His family later returned, but due to serious threats, he stayed away.  He visited a friend in Thailand and decided to stay.  He married a Thai woman in 2010, and lived the grand life in a mansion, but there, he ended up receiving serious threats from other criminals, so he moved to Amsterdam.  He had continued running his drug network from Thailand, then from Amsterdam.  But international co-operation between Law Enforcement, saw his arrest outside IKEA in Amsterdam, by armed Police.  Drugs, money, scales and other paraphernalia was found in his home.  He was extradited back to the UK and stood trial with a number of his accomplices.  Allen received 20 years.  The others, O`Niel Davidson, Steve Hudson, Selena Nickels, Leroy Grant & Brian Saunders, all received jail sentences.  So much for being "untouchable!"