Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ronald Lee White - Psycho Killer

Ronald Lee White was a body builder who sold tanning beds for a living.  He was also extremely attractive to females.  It was not uncommon for women to simply just follow him in the street.  But, and this is a very big but, he was a psychopathic killer.  He was convicted of three murders but told authorities that he committed fifteen others.  Considering the extremely callous and brutal fashion he killed his victims in, it is quite possibly true.  His first victim was his room mate Paul Vosika, in 1987.  White has given various reasons for killing Vosika but one was that he, (White) wanted to watch Star Trek, but Vosika changed the channel, so White shot him dead.  He wrapped him in a blanket, bundled the body into the back of a pick up truck and drove into a park.  In the back of it was a chainsaw.  He was about to start it up when a car pulled up alongside him.  In it were a couple and two small children.  They asked for directions to get out of the park.  White told them and they left.  He thought about shooting them all dead but decided not to as he had a task in hand.  He dismembered the body of Vosika and scattered the body parts all over.

    His next killing was a bicycle repairman, whom he stabbed to death in 1988.  He then set fire to the body.  Then he decided to rob a motel.  He shot the clerk dead, shot a security guard, who luckily survived, and stole just $200.  He was arrested by Joe Kenda and arrested for the two murders - the clerk and repairman - and convicted.  He was later convicted over the Vosika murder, and Kenda said he was the worst psychopath he had ever countered.  White mouthed death threats to the judge and jury when convicted of it.