Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Warlocks MC

This 1%er motorcycle club first came into being back in 1967, after thirteen sailors who served on the aircraft carrier USS Shangri-La, decided to form their own little bike club.  Now it has just over forty chapters in countries such as USA, Canada, UK & Germany.  The first leader of the Warlocks was Tom Freedland, nicknamed "Grub", and their insignia is a blazing eagle situated between the top and bottom rocker on their club colours.  They have spread from their base in Florida where they have 9+ chapters, to Georgia-2, South Carolina-7, Virginia-5, West Virginia-4, New York-1, Ohio-2, Minnesota-1, UK-3, Canada-3, Germany-2, plus a couple of nomad chapters that have no set base.  They have been raided by cops on a couple of occasions.  In 1991, an agent for the ATF, Steve Martin, infiltrated them, resulting in a number of arrests but no charges were proffered.  They were raided again in 2003 with members being convicted on typical biker charges; weapons and drugs.

    The three British chapters are located in Lincolnshire, where are two and the other is in Scunthorpe.  Now they are starring in their own documentary series "Warlocks Rising" which shows how they live their lives, and how the club runs.  The expansion into Germany is to be expected as there is so many different clubs out there.  The Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, Gypsy Jokers, Sons of Silence, Warlocks, plus all the home grown clubs.  If they keep expanding, no doubt it will be of concern to the big three - Angels, Outlaws & Bandidos.  The other big club, the Pagans, are located solely in the States, down the eastern side of the country.