Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Vicki Morgan - Murder Victim

Vicki Morgan was one of those women who used their sexuality to draw in wealthy middle aged and ageing men.  The man this model drew in was none other than wealthy and powerful tycoon Alfred Bloomingdale, whose family owned the famous department store.  His death brought a very high profile lawsuit from Miss Morgan over promises that Bloomingdale allegedly made before his death.  Victoria Lynn Morgan was born in Colorado Springs (home of supercop Joe Kenda) but harboured dreams of making it in Hollywood, like thousands of other young women.  She ended up as an usher at Grauman`s Chinese Theater, where as a teenager, she caught the eye of 54 year old Mr Bloomingdale.  They began an affair that lasted twelve years until his wife discovered what was happening.  She threatened to make public his sexual peccadilloes if he did not end the affair.  He duly complied.

    Now she no longer had the money and comforts that Bloomingdale supplied, she sank into a depression, so went in to rehab.  It was there that she met Marvin Pancoast, who was gay but became infatuated with the sordid details of her life with Bloomingdale and her bedroom exploits with politicians and powerful businessmen.  They decided that they would hook up together when they were both out of treatment.  After nearly three months treatment, she was suddenly visited by Bloomingdale, who asked her to become his sex slave and he would repay her by buying her an apartment and a guaranteed sum of money annually, for life.  He told her he had terminal cancer and did not have long to live.  In fact, he died two days later.  Vicki had no option but to move in with Marvin, but still continued to see other men, a great source of anger to him.  Despite the fact that he was gay.  He was also seriously addicted to cocaine.

    Vicki had launched a lawsuit claiming the money that Bloomingdale had promised to her before his death.  She hired celebrity Palimony lawyer Marvin Mitchelson, but soon fired him after she discovered he had had dinner at the White House with Ronnie & Nancy - She & Mrs Bloomingdale were great friends.  Now she hired Robert Steinberg, but it was now July 7th 1983, and Pancoast blew a fuse, by beating Vicki to death with a baseball bat.  He walked into a Police station and confessed.  He "cracked" after Vicki had made plans to meet a man, and beat her to death whilst she slept.   Charged with murder, Pancoast denied murder by reason of insanity.  He was jailed for 26 years and died in prison in Chino, California, from Aids related illnesses.  Robert Steinberg claimed that he had in his possession sex tapes of Vicki and prominent people, including Ambassadorial staff and a Congressman.  He later said the tapes had been stolen.

    The lawsuit was a claim for $10 million, but in the end she received $40,000 and after her death, $200,000 was awarded to her estate, for her son Todd, her only heir.