Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Raggalds Pub Murder

The Raggalds pub which resides in the Queensbury district of Bradford, was the scene of a bloody murder and woundings by two masked assailants, that left one man dead, and two others injured.  It all began on April 24th 1995, when two masked men burst into the pub with guns and shot dead Michael Briggs, from Abbey Park, Illingworth, Halifax.  The pub landlord, David Baines, a former professional wrestler known as "Dr Death" was wounded, along with customer John Paisley.

    Two local men were arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder.  The charges hung on the fact that David Baines identified the two gunmen by their voices.  Charged were John Spalding and Morgan Duffy.  Duffy, 29, was from Broomfield Street in Queensbury, but was resident in Tenerife, where he was extradited from.  Both were convicted in December 1996 of murder and sentenced to life, plus they received an additional 15 years for the shootings of the two other men. In setting lengthy prison sentences for the two, it was said in court that they carried out the murder on behalf of rivals of Mr Briggs.   Morgan Duffy has been fighting his conviction for a number of years, with the support of his family.  Investigative Author Steve Richards has claimed to have seen details of a deal allegedly worked out between a judge and Police that allowed a prosecution witness not to face firearm charges.  One local man, well known, told me that the word was that one was guilty and the other innocent.  But, none of this constitutes proof, it is only hearsay, so it cannot be presented as proof.  Are Duffy and Spalding innocent?  I have no idea, and this decision can only be taken by the Court of Appeal.  At the end of the day a man was cold bloodedly murdered and those responsible should be punished.