Saturday, 28 June 2014

Danielle Thomas - Victim of a Spoilt Bastard

How many cases are we seeing these days when spoilt bastards from privileged backgrounds resort to killing?  There are more and more.  The only explanation is that no matter how much you give these parasites, it simply is not enough.  They kill for any amount of reasons.  Danielle Thomas became a victim of a man who had everything handed to him on a plate.  She was murdered by her lawyer boyfriend, Jason Bohn, on June 25th 2012 at his apartment in the Queens district of New York City.  27 year old Danielle, who hailed from Kentucky, had gone to Florida to gain a degree in Finance.  She landed a much coveted job in the Disney Organisation, and then after a couple of years, she moved onto another job in New York.  It was there in New York that she met Bohn.  

    But over time, this friendly and easy going lady became a victim of violent rages from Bohn, who later stated that she cheated on him, was a compulsive liar and that her death was an "accident."   Obviously it was mighty big of him to make these claims after she murdered her but as is the norm, he could not remember what had happened.  Yeah right.  Danielle suffered severe beatings and received numerous death threats from Bohn.  One day, she went to Police to register a complaint against Bohn, where she received a call from him.  She put it on speaker phone so the cops could hear it.  They listened in horror as Bohn threatened to kill her.  He was arrested and faced charges, but before the case went to court, he murdered Danielle.  She had left her small dog at his apartment, and wanted to get it away from him.  This hero had constantly threatened to kill her dog too.  Bohn attacked her when she arrived, beating and strangling her, but unknowingly gave vital evidence during the assault.  He had accidentally activated his phone, which was in his pocket.  A number was automatically dialled, belonging to a friend, whom upon answering, heard the whole commotion.

    Bohn put the body of Danielle in a bath full of ice, and then left.  He used her phone to call her family, saying that everything was fine.  Police were able to pinpoint the location of the phone and Bohn was arrested in White Plains.  He was charged and convicted of murder, with the jury rejecting his plea of manslaughter.  He was given life without parole.  But what was the problem with Bohn.  His parents split when he was a baby, but both provided money so he had the best education you could get, leading up to a Law Degree.  But as he grew, he started acting out, saying he would like to kill both of his parents.  This resulted in stays in foster homes.  Aged 14, an assault on a pregnant girl, resulted in her having a miscarriage.  Naturally, he could not recall the attack.  A former girlfriend gave evidence about his jealousy and violence during their relationship.  However, Bohn was given everything money could buy, but with some, it simply is not enough.  Blaming the break up of his parents, well, thousands of kids come through that with no problems, they do not resort to violence and murder.  Bohn had a loving girlfriend but that was not enough.  Then he resorts to destroying her character and reputation.  What a piece of shit.

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