Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Execution of David Washington

David Washington is one of those names that will never register on the serial killer grand scale, unlike the "superstars" (hardly appropriate I know, but you get my point) but he mercilessly murdered three people in a ten day rampage.  He paid the ultimate price but that was the road he chose.  Anti-death penalty protesters did pay a quiet vigil outside the prison but three people were not there to be asked their opinions on the matter.  Why Washington killed is not clear.  It seems (to me) that he was just a sick twisted bastard.  It all started with Washington stabbing to death and robbing a man called Daniel Pridgen, a Minister based in Miami.  Then this psycho abducted 20 year old Accounting student Frank Meli, took him to a motel where he spent three days tied to a bed.  Then Washington stabbed him to death, inflicting eleven wounds.

    Just to show that he was not slacking off, he broke into the Miami home of 64 year old Katrina Birk.  Obviously, as an ageing lady was too much for him to handle, he tied her up, gagged her, ransacked her home, then stabbed her and then shot her.  He was caught by Police and charged with three murders.  Despite his lawyers objections, he pleaded guilty, and received the Death Penalty.  Three times he was given a date of execution but the first two were stayed.  He told everybody that he would rather be executed than spend the rest of his life in jail.  Before his execution, he was visited by his 12 year old daughter, and told her to be a much better person than he was.  He also apologised to the families of his victims.  I doubt very much that they listened.  He walked to the chair on 13th July 1984.