Friday, 13 June 2014

Tommy Lynn Sells - Executed

Tommy Lynn Sells was executed on April 3rd 2014 in Texas for the murder of a young girl.  He also attempted to murder her young friend, but she survived the horrific attack.  His trip to Death Row began in December 1999, when he burgled a house in Del Rio, but he did not stop at burglary.  He went into the bedroom of a 13 year old girl, and molested her.  Her screams resulted in him stabbing and slashing at her throat numerous times.  He then slit the throat of her 11 year old friend, but miraculously, she survived.  Whilst incarcerated in Death Row, Sells claimed to have murdered at least seventy people, with the majority being young girls, showing that Sells was a predatory paedophile.  Authorities have said that they know of twenty two victims but whether Sells was responsible, is unclear.   Police and the media dubbed him "The Coast to Coast Killer" with him operating undetected for at least twenty years.

    These claims fall into the sphere of Henry Lee Lucas, who claimed 600+ victims which cops were eager to state cold case closure, basically to improve their detection rate.  Lucas was later totally discredited, but did kill a handful of victims, but certainly nowhere near as to his claimed total.  Then there is PeeWee Gaskins with estimates running to hundreds over the years, though his daughter claimed he killed 105.  But there is no proof to back up such numbers.  Similarly, huge numbers are attributed to Glen Rogers, David Parker Ray, Stephen Morin, and others.  This has to be discounted until proof emerges.

    Sells was interviewed by leading Forensic Psychiatrist Dr Michael Stone, but Sells gave nothing away, but certainly enjoyed being interviewed.  Dr Stone has a knack of asking questions that can get under the skin without being deliberate, and can extract something from the interviewee.  Two have reacted angrily to questions put to them; they were Barjonah, a child killer, and Parker Ray`s girlfriend, Cindy Hendy.  Sells made no last comments before he was given a lethal injection.  The father of his victim was overjoyed when death was pronounced.  Could you blame him?