Saturday, 14 June 2014

Gary Nelson - A Very Dangerous Man

I first came across this name when I used to be on a particular crime forum, and posters spoke of the great violence and fear spread by this man.  to look into his background, really does make a complete joke of the people who still like to permeate the myth that the Krays were the be-all and end-all of crime.  Gary Nelson, born in Woolwich, South London in 1969, was jailed in February 2006 for a double murder committed in 1993.  One victim was a doorman and security guard, the other was PC Patrick Dunne, who basically was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Trouble started when Bill Danso, doorman at the Brixton Academy, refused entry to Nelson, who viewed that as being "disrespectful" to him.  In other words, he should have let him in through fear.  The "Do you know who I am?" routine.  Remember, when notorious individuals or groups are "respected" it is not respect but fear.  Danso worked as a security man in a shop and he intervened in a fight involving Nelson.  A further act of "disrespect".

    It was October 20th 1993, when PC Dunne attended a domestic dispute at a house in Clapham.  He heard shots ring out and left the house to investigate.  He was immediately shot in the chest and died.  Bill Danso had been cut down in his hallway by a barrage of bullets fired by three men.  One of these men was Nelson.  After murdering these two men, the killers burst out laughing and walked off, with one firing a shot into the air.  Nelson was an immediate suspect and arrested but was released through insufficient evidence.  Earlier that year, Nelson was cleared of the attempted murder of a doorman, outside a nightclub in Victoria.  The following year, 1994, Nelson was arrested and convicted of a shooting after a road rage incident.  He received 8 years, but despite violence in prison, he was released in 1999. (that probably warmed the hearts of the Prison Reform Trust & Liberty) but the CPS were urged to re-instigate charges against Nelson in 2004.  A Police raid on his home found a handgun, complete with silencer and laser sight.  He was lifed off.  Then the two murder charges were put up and in 2006 he received a minimum of 35 years.  (No doubt the two afore mentioned groups wept into their pillows that night)  The other two gunmen have never been traced and are still actively sought.  The underworld has changed considerably over the decades and the "Cor blimey Guv" criminal world has long gone.  Nelson is a searing example of that.