Sunday, 29 June 2014

Duane Daniels - Throw The Key Away

This violent individual is one of those people that would be taken to the bosoms of organisations like the Prison Reform Trust and Liberty, plus do-gooders and reformers, but in reality is somebody that will NEVER be changed.  Daniels ran his own little street gang known as the "28 Posse" and brought terror to the streets of Clapham, in South London, particularly on the William Bonney Estate, where he lived.  (Typical of wankers in charge to name an estate after a killer who shot most of his victims in the back)  A modern trait is to recruit youths into gangs through fear and intimidation.  This is to demonstrate how "powerful" the leaders are.  Daniels` method of intimidation did not work with one, who refused to join his gang.  He responded by having the lad who dared to stand up to him set on fire.

    He changed from burglaries, with the usual items stolen being electrical goods, to abduction and torture.  Violence being inflicted on victims so they would reveal their PIN numbers.  Eventually, he was brought to trial at the Old Bailey in December 1993.  By then, Police had identified nearly 1,000 crimes being attributed to Daniels.  Despite this appalling record, and on top of that, abduction and torture, he received just nine years.  When he was released in November 2001, did this curb his behaviour?  Did it fuck!!!  Just four months after being set free, he was at the centre of a brawl outside a club in New Cross, South London.  A doorman, George Napier, was stabbed and killed.  Daniels was tried, convicted and put back inside.  No doubt the bleeding hearts all wept into their pillows that night.  Of course, with these people, there would be no tears for George Napier.