Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Killer Couples - What Do You Think?

Looking at three cases in particular, I would like to give my, possibly controversial views, on them.  First off, Brady & Hindley.  Everybody goes on about Brady being the dominant one of the two, but think about it.  Brady did not kill anybody until he met Hindley.  She ensnared the victims, not Brady.  Experts say that she did this to please him but stop for a minute; she got them into her car, very persuasively.  In write ups on the tape featuring "Little Drummer Boy" in the background, Hindley is reported as shouting at the girl.  Hardly the actions of somebody looking up to their lover, seeking their approval.  I say she was as twisted as Brady, possibly even more so.  Note her attempts to manipulate people into coming over to her side, for parole or escape attempts.

    Then we come to the "Ken & Barbie" killers(NOT Ken & Deirdre!) Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka.  Bernardo was the Scarborough rapist but if he was so sick and deranged, why was Scarborough not littered with DEAD rape victims.  He only started killing when he hooked up with Homolka, and as we all know, this evil bitch drugged her own young sister so Bernardo could rape her, and she joined in on the assaults.  She also did not object to the assaults being filmed!!!!  The deal cut by Canadian authorities with Homolka was the equivalent of pissing on the graves of the victims.  She serves only twelve years for three deaths that she WILLINGLY participated in.  As for the child she has had, in the future, is she going to tell it "You would have had an aunty but for a warped, evil bitch.  That is me I am talking about."

    The third case, and this one provokes more reactions from my wife than any other, and that includes Bundy; The Hillside Stranglers.  Not Angelo Buono, but that "victim of multiple personalities" king bullshitter and twisted psycho Ken Bianchi.  Angelo Buono had been married four times, his wives had divorced him because of his violence.  When it came to women, everybody knew where Buono stood.  He did not hide it.  But Bianchi tried to manipulate, with his "hypnosis" session and becoming "Steve" the man who one writer firmly believes was an alter-ego of Bianchi, and wrote a sympathetic book about this kind, loving man, who turned into a monster when "Steve" took over.  What a load of bollocks!!!!  As Frank Salerno, a detective on the case from the LA Sheriff`s Office pointed out, they split up with Bianchi moving to Bellingham, Washington State.  Bianchi committed two more murders himself.  Buono didn`t.  What does that tell you?  Yet experts put Buono as the dominant force, but forget that the "submissive" one, Bianchi, did not need to seek his masters` approval to murder two more young women.  

    How many serial killers do we see who have normal families and family life?  Many.  Does this mean they have multiple personalities?  Bullshit.  I see it as nothing more simple than a man who at home is the greatest guy there is.  Away from home, he can be whatever he chooses to be.  Like a person who effs and blinds at work every second word but at home, he never utters a cross word.  I see killers with families, in the same way. Their home life is sacred but away from the wife, everybody is a possible victim.  You do not need degrees in Psychology to see that.